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Looking/Longing for friendships and real love

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🤗 Hello All. My name is Kelsey and I was born and raised in Texas. I have a big greek family from my moms side, she was born in a village outside of Athens. Have you ever seen my big fat Greek wedding? Half of my aunts and cousins have the same names of the characters 🙄 Anyways, with the lock downs and precautions its been hard not to feel lonely and sometimes nervous about the future. My name on Facebook is Kelsey Marie Moss. I'm interested in friendship and maybe more if I meet the right person(s). MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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I wish u didn't give up so easily  with us u barely even tried with us 

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I just wanted to say I loved what you wrote. Our “bio” is very vague. I have put my heart and soul on who were are only to be disregarded. So if someone chooses to ask …. We are open books. Don’t want to be disappointed or disappoint 🫀